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To sign up for a class, simply click on the class you'd like below. If you do not have an account, you can click on the class and fill in the info for the drop in, or you can purchase a membership or package. If you have an existing subscription or package, click on the class below, make sure you are log in, and you'll then be prompted to use your existing membership to sign up.


Sunday 9 am

Join us for a morning that focuses on our internal and external strength - asana to tone the legs, arms and core; standing balance practice to improve coordination and develop stability; pranayama to strengthen our mind body connection and focus.

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Abs Exercise


Saturday 2:30 pm

Pilates is an effective, fun and invigorating workout. Pilates
involves the use of the body to act as resistance while carrying out
controlled, focused and precise exercises. These movements were
designed to create long, lean muscles while enhancing strength,
flexibility, balance, and an emphasis on posture. The results
include a flatter stomach, toned arms and strong backs. Pilates is for
EVERYONE, regardless of fitness level, age or ability. It will help you build
Strength, Flexibility and overall well-being.

HATHA (HOT) - Jenn

Sunday 4 pm

Similar in format to the Saturday Ashtanga class. This class typically starts with a series of sun salutations, then builds in intensity towards a full core sequence and then slows with some twists and slow stretches. Each class is slightly different, but all are equally challenging.

Sarah Conklin - Describe this class in 1 word? 



Tuesday 9 am

Vinyasa (translates to “flowing with breath”). This is a dynamic style of Hatha yoga that joins physical postures (or asanas) with inhales and exhales, creating a steady internal rhythm for the practice. Flow yoga classes tend to be mentally, physically and athletically challenging and can have a variety of music and themes. This class is for all levels.

3 Words to describe my class:

Endurance ~ strength ~ courageous

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Patrick trains perfect arm.jpg


Wednesday 7:30 pm 

In this Vinyasa class, we will dynamically link the flowing nature of the breath with mindful, continual movement and creative sequencing. This heat-building practice is based on the principles of the Fluid Vinyasa method. It will not only increase strength and flexibility, but also train the mind to be more content and relaxed throughout most difficult challenges on and off the mat.

3 Words to describe my class:

Accessible ~ Introspective ~ Invigorating

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Kris Colored Laying on Rock by Waterfall


Tuesday 7:30 pm

Yin is a more passive style of yoga that targets joints and connective tissue, with longer holds. The majority of poses are done on the floor, mainly working the lower part of the body; the spine, hips, and legs.

A regular yin practice increases circulation, improves flexibility and joint mobility, reduces stress and calms the mind and body.

3 Words to describe my class:

Healing ~ Calming ~ Stress-Relief

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Megan colored yoga pose - shows face .jp


Wednesday 9 am

Come enjoy a mindful, Slow Flow practice integrated with the breath. Vinyasa is a challenging and fun practice. It utilizes a dynamic combination of strength, flexibility, stabilization, stamina and focus. In Slow Flow the poses can be refined and strengthened, without feeling rushed into the next move, next breath, or next pose. This allows individuals to become familiar with their bodies, creating time for reflective pauses, and opportunities to go ’inward.’ Slow Vinyasa Yoga is a therapeutic dance of moving meditation. Perfect for both beginners and intermediate practitioners.

3 Words to describe my class:

Flow dynamics ~ Focus ~ Difficulty 

Heather Poe - Describe this class in 1 word?




Monday 5:30 am, Tuesday 5:30 am, & Friday 5:30 am

This early morning practice is designed to wake the mind, body, and spirit.  Emphasis is on the importance of dynamic breath-flow to link one asana to the next. Much attention is focused on accurate alignment, core strength, concentration, mindfulness, breath control and refinement of the fundamentals of yoga.  This powerful practice will move you beyond the limitations of the body and mind.  Level II-III.

3 Words to describe my class:

Dynamic ~ energetic ~ spirited

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Megan colored back bend .jpeg


Monday 9:00 am, & Friday 9:00 am 

Vinyasa is a challenging, fun practice that utilizes a combination of strength, flexibility, stabilization, stamina, and focuses. In Slow Flow, the poses can be refined and strengthened, without feeling rushed into the next move, next breath, or next pose. This allows each individual to become familiar with his or her body, create a reflective pause and allows time to go ‘inward.’ Slow Vinyasa Yoga is a therapeutic dance of moving meditation, integrated with the breath. Perfect for both beginners and intermediates alike.

3 Words to describe my class: 

integrated ~ invigorating ~ fun

Katie Bishop - Describe this class in 1 word?


Kim Colored Leg and Arms up .jpg


Monday 4:30 pm, & Wednesday 6:00 pm

This challenging class incorporates the use of weights with yoga-asana, HIIT and sometimes a bit of Pilates to provide an intense, full-body workout. Heat for this class is between 105 and 110 degrees and is adjusted for humidity level. Music for this class is Classic Rock, Old School R & B/Funk, or current radio play. All fitness levels and yoga experience levels are welcome and as always, we encourage you to honor your body while challenging yourself.

3 Words to describe my class:

Dynamic ~ Intense ~ Fun

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Keeli Hands Above Head Graffiti .jpg


Monday 6:00 pm

KICK-ASK-KICKBOXING kicks booty! First time ever—kickboxing in the heat!  

Can you imagine how much better your flexibility will be??  WOW!  Come and join us in this self-awareness class.  Not only will you receive a great full-body workout, but you will also learn how to protect yourself in a compromising situation.  The engaging music throughout this class will keep you pumped-up for sure.

3 Words to describe my class:

Self-engaging ~ Strength ~ Confidence 

PK - Describe this class in 1 word?



Thursday 4:30 pm

BUTI Yoga is a movement methodology that incorporates dynamic yoga asana with primal movement, cardio-dance bursts  & deep core conditioning. The word ‘buti’ is a Marathi Indian term for “the cure to something that’s been hidden away or kept secret.”

3 Words to describe my class:

Challenging ~ Upbeat ~ Dynamic

Kim Filtered Stone Manager Shot.jpg


Monday 7:30 pm

So you’ve learned some of the basic yoga poses and you’d like to see what you can do with them? You want “more” but you are not sure what that looks like? This may just be what you’ve been looking for!  This class takes the pieces and parts you have learned and pulls them all together in a flow or Vinyasa. We keep it basic and we move more slowly than other Vinyasa classes, still focusing intensely on form and creating good habits. This class is only mildly warm at around 98 degrees and provides a good opportunity to bring your friends who aren’t so sure about the heat. As with the 101, the music acts as a soothing, buffering backdrop.

3 Words to describe my class:

Intentional ~ Growth ~ Journey

Steve Detwiler - Describe this class in 1 word?


Kim Colored Meet Your Instructor.jpg

Yinyasa (WARM) - KIM

Thursday 7:30 pm

Yin is a deep, yet gentle class and helps access even the tightest of muscles. Postures are done primarily on the floor and held for longer periods of time. Gravity is highly taken advantage of in Yin, to help open the body. This class is the athlete's choice to help heal injuries and ailments of all kinds, and provides the perfect complement to Yang (powerful/active yoga styles). Yin also provides a great opportunity to practice the discipline of remaining ‘present’ while simultaneously quieting the body and mind. The temperature for this class is between 85 and 90 degrees and the music is peaceful, meditative beta-wave.

3 Words to describe my class:

Focused ~ Peaceful ~ Disciplined

Diana Henson - Describe this class in 1 word?


Meshelle Whitt b&w arm stretch up.jpg


Thursday 5:30 am

This Hot Core Power class will keep you moving, sweating, breathing!  True to its name, one can expect to focus on building and engaging core strength while relying on your breath flow, as you glide through a vigorous sequence of postures. This class strengthens, balances and exhilarates the body and mind. Hot Core Power is designed for all students.

3 Words to describe my class:

Vigorous ~ Challenging ~ Powerful

Christine Lewis - Describe this class in 1 word?



Thursday 9:00 am


A challenging, stimulating, funky practice that will guide you through fluid movements and asanas. We’ll connect postures in fresh and new ways as we stay present with our breath. We will tune in to our bodies. We will allow ourselves to expand our capacity to move, breathe & cleanse our spirit from within.


3 Words to describe my class:

Connection ~ Sensation ~ Rhythm

Kim Colored Leg on fence .jpg


This class practices the fundamentals of yoga—Asana (poses) and Pranayama (breath work). The focus will be on learning correct alignment and breath. This will help establish a solid foundation for building a lifelong practice, while learning good habits to ensure more enjoyment and to help prevent injuries.  The temperature for this class is between 103 - 105 degrees and the background music is tranquil and intended as a calm backdrop, rather than a focal point. Yoga 101 is appropriate for all fitness and yoga levels. Experienced yogis often choose this class to revisit the basics and deepen their understanding.

3 Words to describe my class:

Alignment ~ Mindfulness ~ Breath

John Fishman - Describe this class in 1 word?


Keeli New Barre Picture.jpg


Thursday 6:00 pm

X-BARRE is definitely taking that next step to achieving your workout GOALS. Come in and be ready to sweat like you never have before!  The word 'Extreme' is being used lightly.  Plan to come in fully hydrated, with lots of energy and be ready to have a great time!  This class is high-paced with a hybrid style of movement.  It is dance-inspired with a twist of gym fitness and is a great total body workout!.  All levels are welcome - you set your own pace.  We would LOVE to have you join us!

3 words to describe my class:

Bigger ~ Than ~ Life

Aman - Describe this class in one word?


Leg Stretch


Friday 5:30 pm

It is Friday evening and it has been a grueling week. All you need is a little bit of ‘me’ time. This hour-long hot (110 deg) Vinyasa flow class may just be the ticket to help you unwind. Every class is different and is often based on how the group is feeling and what they want to work on. While we generally start with some Sun Salutations to warm up, we are just as likely to start off lying on our backs to stretch. There will almost always be some core components but not as much as with other classes. Practitioners often comment after class that they feel reinvigorated, refreshed, and I often hear individuals say...“that was just what I needed!”

3 Words to describe my class:

Grounding, Invigorating, Refreshed

Sunset Yoga


Need more movement?  This is a 60-minute, heated and fun power-flow, and is designed to continuously challenge the body and mind while connecting breath to movement.  This class will strengthen and tone your entire body, while focusing on core stability, balance, strength, and body awareness.  Expect new and unexpected sequences. Together we will use the power of BREATH to ignite your inner fire and push your limits!  Expect to sweat, forget about everything else for an hour, and surprise yourself with all that your body and mind can do! Clients often say, "I've been practicing yoga for years but I've never seen that move before!" Though challenging, this class is for all levels. 

3 Words to describe my class:

Efficient ~ Effective ~ Energetic

Olivia Muench - Describe this class in 1 word?



ASHTANGA-BASED POWER YOGA - Patrick, Katie, or Kris

Saturday 9 am

Very loosely based on the Ashtanga primary series of poses. This is a high-energy, hour-long class that starts with a series of Sun Salutations and builds in intensity towards a full, core sequence. It then slows with some twists and slow stretches. Each class is slightly different, but all are equally challenging. Even though this class is taught at 110 deg, it is usually well attended. So arrive early to ensure a place for your mat among your energetic and motivated fellow yogi’s!

Tarun - Describe this class in 1 word?


Yoga Mat and Straps

YOGA 101 (WARM) - Kim

Saturday 10:30 am

Every yoga student is still a novice after ten years of sustained practice. All of us have stood on our yoga mats for the first time—a little nervous, unsure of what to do and convinced that we are either too old, too fat, too stiff to be doing this. Yoga IS accessible to almost everyone on the planet! This hour-long, moderately heated class, is intended for those exploring yoga for the first time. We explore the fundamentals of alignment, the connection of movement and breath, and our grounding with the Earth—all at a slow pace. The use of props (blankets, straps and blocks) is demonstrated and encouraged. Although this class is intended for novices, it is a great class for seasoned yogi’s to come and refine their poses.

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