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Hot yoga of huntsville classI know there’s no way I can do the poses because I’m not flexible at all. Should I work on my flexibility before starting to attend yoga classes? I guess I’m afraid it will be painful.
Not flexible? A great reason to begin yoga! Most people are inflexible or become inflexible over time. Yoga helps to alleviate stiffness and is superb way to develop and increase flexibility while keeping the spine supple and in correct alignment. Our hot yoga is especially conductive to aiding flexibility. We promise not to hurt you! The foundation stone of the practice of yoga is to not cause harm to others. This is Ahimsa, usually translated as non-violence – come visit our studio and we’ll tell you more.

How many times a week should I practice?
As a beginner it is especially beneficial to practice yoga as often as possible to develop muscle memory. There is no risk of over-training.  Each time a class is taken muscles are built and conditioned and your skeletal structure is properly aligned. 3 to 4 times per week is a goal many strive for in order to reach the maximum benefits.

Well, can I practice if I have a health condition?
Many doctors now prescribe yoga as a form of therapy. Many health conditions can be improved through regular yoga practice. Yoga heals and strengthens the body and its systems and boosts the immune system.

How many calories does one yoga class burn?
Estimates are between 400-1200 calories are burned in a hot yoga class.

What should I expect for my first class?
Your first few classes will be the most challenging – it’s new and unfamiliar. Yet, new students often feel relaxed and wonderfully detoxed after their first class. The postures are easy to learn and our yoga instructors will help you learn quickly. Come with no expectations, just a light heart, open mind, and a well-hydrated body.

How long will it take before I see results?
It does not take long to see the results of yoga. Remember every body is different and unique, as are the results. You will feel the results almost immediately – be prepared for a life changing experience!

10 Reasons to Sweat it Out

Hot yoga of Huntsville reasons to sweat=

10. You'll get a cardio workout. The heat raises your base heart rate, so even as you relax you'll be stretching your circulatory system.
9. Your immune system will improve.
8. Slow down aging.
7. Bolster your bone density. Yoga helps promote better calcium flow to your bones.
6. Improve concentration and balance. Useful in virtually every facet of life.
5. Increased flexibility which increases range of movement and reducing aches, pains and risk of injury.
4. Develop concentration - Hot yoga requires lots and lots of concentration.
3. Increase strength -Yoga use every muscle in the body, helping to increase strength to relieve muscular tension.
2. Weight loss - Hot yoga can aid weight control efforts by burning excess calories, reducing stress and providing a heightened sense of well being.
1. Stress relief - Hot yoga brings together physical and mental disciplines helping you relax and manage stress and anxiety.

Conveniently Located

Hot Yoga of Huntsville is located in southeast Huntsville, Alabama. Just to the right of Wal Mart in Hampton Cove.

Hot Yoga of Huntsville
326 Sutton Road, Suite J
Huntsville, AL 35763
(256) 585-6380

Our Studio: quality and clean

We're located in a modern facility with plenty of easy parking with quick front door access. Our reception area is open and inviting and we offer large changing rooms with showers, something seldom found in many studios. The studio employs state-of-the-art concepts in heating, air purification and humidification. Flooring is antibacterial Zebra mat instead of carpet, Mirrors line two sides of the studio with windows on one side to allow in natural light.

We are clean freaks. The studio floor is steam cleaned between each class and all our rental towels and mats are washed and cleaned after each use. Floors are cleaned everyday and our changing rooms on a frequent regular basis. All this is to give you a first class hot yoga experience in a healthy quality environment.

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