The Benefits of Hot Yoga

At its core hot yoga is simply an exceptional workout. There’s a great deal of dynamic stretching, engaging very specific muscles while pulling and pushing others – it improves strength, flexibility and balance.

Regular practice will also improve focus, stamina, and relieve stress. In fact, more and more physicians are realizing the virtues of yoga and recommending a regular yoga practice as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Hot yoga attracts a variety of people and all the poses are within the natural range of human motion. This does not mean the sequence is easy – it is challenging and rigorous yet realistic, so it fits the needs of a wide range of people.

Sports enthusiasts discover increased mobility, endurance, greater overall strength along with improved performance in competition with fewer aches and pains resulting from the focus required for the 60-90 minutes of hot yoga classes.

And, if you’re a desk jockey suffering with back and shoulder pain, headaches, high stress levels and poor focus, then opening up the spine and mind can help bring a balance back to your physical and mental health.

Huntsville Alabama Hot Yoga classes benefit all who attend

10 Reasons to Sweat it Out

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10. You'll get a cardio workout. The heat raises your base heart rate, so even as you relax you'll be stretching your circulatory system.
9. Your immune system will improve.
8. Slow down aging.
7. Bolster your bone density. Yoga helps promote better calcium flow to your bones.
6. Improve concentration and balance. Useful in virtually every facet of life.
5. Increased flexibility which increases range of movement and reducing aches, pains and risk of injury.
4. Develop concentration - Hot yoga requires lots and lots of concentration.
3. Increase strength -Yoga use every muscle in the body, helping to increase strength to relieve muscular tension.
2. Weight loss - Hot yoga can aid weight control efforts by burning excess calories, reducing stress and providing a heightened sense of well being.
1. Stress relief - Hot yoga brings together physical and mental disciplines helping you relax and manage stress and anxiety.

Conveniently Located

Hot Yoga of Huntsville is located in southeast Huntsville, Alabama. Just to the right of Wal Mart in Hampton Cove.

Hot Yoga of Huntsville
326 Sutton Road, Suite J
Huntsville, AL 35763
(256) 585-6380

Our Studio: quality and clean

We're located in a modern facility with plenty of easy parking with quick front door access. Our reception area is open and inviting and we offer large changing rooms with showers, something seldom found in many studios. The studio employs state-of-the-art concepts in heating, air purification and humidification. Flooring is antibacterial Zebra mat instead of carpet, Mirrors line two sides of the studio with windows on one side to allow in natural light.

We are clean freaks. The studio floor is steam cleaned between each class and all our rental towels and mats are washed and cleaned after each use. Floors are cleaned everyday and our changing rooms on a frequent regular basis. All this is to give you a first class hot yoga experience in a healthy quality environment.

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