About Hot Yoga of Huntsville

Why we do what we do…

Yoga is for everyone and everyone can do yoga!
We believe that the practice of asana (yoga poses) can improve all aspects of your life. If you’re looking for stress relief, healing, flexibility, you’ve come to the right place.

What you will find at this studio are people of different ages, races and body types because yoga is a practice that doesn’t care what you look like nor if you can contort yourself into a pretzel. This is a judgment-free studio where everyone is welcome regardless of ability.

We are not gurus and we don’t want to be…

We believe you find your path to enlightenment on your terms.
We respect all religions and beliefs.
Sure, you can find a higher power via the practice of yoga, we don’t deny that, but we are an asana-based studio.
Call us yoga poseurs, that’s okay with us.

Why I do what I do…

My name is Robyn and I co-own HYOH with my business partner, Dean. This studio was never intended to be about me, but about the healing power of yoga. What I found in this all-encompassing practice, I wanted to share with others. How I discovered yoga was by grudgingly attending my first Bikram hot yoga class on the insistence of a friend who swore that yoga would cure my migraines. As a cheerleader at the University of Missouri, I was accidentally dropped on my back from a considerable height which fractured my lumbar vertebrae (L4-L5). I continued cheering after what I thought was a recovery only to find that years later, my back had fused which had caused misalignment, pain and the aforementioned, migraines. Prior to taking my first hot yoga class, I had believed that yoga was just a bunch of old ladies in sweatshirts sitting in lotus. Boy, was I wrong and delightfully so as the practice I was introduced to was physically challenging, but also mentally challenging, especially to a Type A personality. Coming from a highly competitive background as a two-time Junior Olympic gold medalist in Acrogymnastics, a competitive Scottish dancer and a corps and soloist dancer for St. Louis Civic Ballet, I was pleased to find something that was challenging, incorporated mind/body/soul, but was also non-competitive and healing.

Moving to the Huntsville area in 2010 from Seattle, I hate no intention on opening a hot yoga studio as my assumption was that every city had hot yoga and I would remain a life-long student and stay in my degreed fields of Biology and Chemistry. Traveling frequently to to Nashville, Chattanooga and Birmingham, Dean and I decided to pool our investment monies and open up a hot yoga studio in 2011.

People often ask if we are a franchise. We have been the sole proprietors of this yoga studio and have never been owned, operated or associated with a franchise. We are free to teach what we want and are not beholden to a specific style.

Conveniently Located

Hot Yoga of Huntsville is located in southeast Huntsville, Alabama. Just to the right of Wal Mart in Hampton Cove.

Hot Yoga of Huntsville
326 Sutton Road, Suite J
Huntsville, AL 35763
(256) 585-6380

Our Studio: quality and clean

We're located in a modern facility with plenty of easy parking with quick front door access. Our reception area is open and inviting and we offer large changing rooms with showers, something seldom found in many studios. The studio employs state-of-the-art concepts in heating, air purification and humidification. Flooring is antibacterial Zebra mat instead of carpet, Mirrors line two sides of the studio with windows on one side to allow in natural light.

We are clean freaks. The studio floor is steam cleaned between each class and all our rental towels and mats are washed and cleaned after each use. Floors are cleaned everyday and our changing rooms on a frequent regular basis. All this is to give you a first class hot yoga experience in a healthy quality environment.

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